Tailored skin care assessment through video call.

To achieve your skin care goals, or resolve your skin issues, it is important to use the correct products, in the right order, and to use the proper routines. This is based on your particular skin type, and everybody is different and will have specific skincare needs.

Femme Fatale offer a virtual online consultation service. We do a video call where one of our trained specialists will asses your skin type and particular skincare needs. Then we can customise a routine tailored for your own skin needs. The consultation is free when you make your product purchase the same day as the consultation (you buy the consultation for €50, and this is refunded off your purchase).

It takes 45 minutes for the skin analysis. We can use WhatsApp, or Zoom, whatever you prefer.

Simply purchase your consultation appointment here, and we will be in touch with you to arrange a date and time that suits for your virtual analysis. We will send you a consult form to fill our and return a few days before the virtual consultation.