Nails, Hands & Feet

Standard manicure.

Nail file and paint.


Jessica Deluxe Manicure

1 hour

An intensive hand and nail treatment
using heated mittens… for the ultimate nails.



This 2-3 week manicure is perfect for women on the go. (removals complimentary)

Geleration & Toes


Gel Nails

Full set of gel nails

Gel refills

Gel nail removals



This is a wonderful treat for your feet.
Your therapist will file your nails, remove hard skin and exfoliate your feet, treat your cuticles, moisturise your feet and paint your nails.

Upgrade with Geleration paint

With Callus Peel


Callus Peel

It effectively dissolves and softens hard skin so the callus is simply peeled away, leaving skin nice and soft. Recommended for anyone who suffers with dry, cracked or calloused feet.

 Note* There is a €5 extra charge for a french paint.